High Assurance Security Design


502 Design Services:

  • Provides extensive experience and capabilities to address current and future requirements for High Assurance Security design into new and legacy systems.
  • Provides leadership in communications, transmission and information security including COMSEC/TRANSEC and Key Management technologies
  • Has NSA certified subject matter experts, who are well respected in the intelligence community and have provided integration of critical technologies, equipments and systems to the U.S. Government and prime contractors for secure communications
  • Supports government agencies with security solutions that meet the demands of Next Generation Communications networks
  • Develops Security Boundary designs with Red/Black and Hardware/Software partitioning
  • Uses anti-tamper technology in modular hardware architecture
  • Documents hardware and software design and operation as well as performs Fail Safe Design Analysis
  • Generates Security Verification Plans, Procedures and Final Reports for submission
  • Documents Key Management and Production Assurance procedures
  • Uses a 50+ task high assurance security evaluation process to guide High Assurance Security Solutions
  • Participates in NSA Risk Assessment Panel Meetings, generates Security Impact Assessment Reports and supports to the System Certification and Accreditation Process as needed

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